Maundy/Thursday Easter Message from Mary Magdalene

dreamt that I was awakened by gunshots on the Mount of Olives. The people were fighting, nation to nation, and there was no peace in the sacred land of Israel.

In my dream I arose from my bed and ran into the night. As I stepped onto the land, the mother Earth trembled, the sound of her tears one with the sound of the guns’ fire.

As I looked into the night, it was not my world, not my time. It was the time of the remembering—the time when the people would turn from their fear and judgement and remember their unity. 

We are now on the cusp of this awakening. Join Flo Magdalena & Mary Madeiras for this special meeting with Magdalene as she brings clarity about our current world challenges and opens her heart to bring us her wisdom and her light as we find our way home.

This passage from I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena, describes humanity’s 2000 year journey to arrive in this moment—the time when we turn from our fear and remember unity.

Author Flo Aeveia Magdalena- I Remember Union

There were nearly 100 people who enjoyed the the April 9th, 2020 call with Mary Magdalene . The messages from Mary were timely and poignant. Flo stated that the date marks 31 years from her initial interaction with Mary. If you missed the call, you may enjoy the audio recordings.

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