The Story Of Mary Magdalena

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The profound love story of Christ, Magdalene and Judas, and their legacy of peace for our time.

“Awesome, gripping, controversial.. It will take your breath away!” – NAPRA Journal

“The emotional side of Christ” – Ralph Blum – author of The Book of Runes and The Healing Runes.

“Another Mists of Avalon” – Karen Crane, New Age Retailer.

Is it possible that the patriarchy of the past two millenniums has kept hidden the real truth about the role of Mary Magdalena in the life of Christ? Could it be that the one branded by historians as harlot, was in truth, a woman of extraordinary vision and power who was a teacher to Christ and instrumental in helping him fulfill the purpose of his coming? I Remember Union is a powerful story of the time of Christ.

Magdalene is the counterpart of Christ, a profound healer and teacher, the keeper of a prophecy designed by her, Christ, and Judas in Zero B.C. Together, they plan the greatest drama of all time, the design of the Resurrection.

Choosing to affect human consciousness and creating a legacy to be fulfilled in 2000 years, their lives teach us of the human experience, while inspiring us to live the divine promise of peace and union – the legacy they began.

In this radical, controversial, and always riveting book, author Flo Aeveia Magdalena overturns and completely transforms the traditional biblical account of the birth of Christianity. Similar to Marion Zimmer Bradley’s best-selling novel ‘The Mists of Avalon’, I Remember Union offers readers an enlightening new perspective on the role of women as central to a time that would change the face of history.

In 1989, mysteriously compelled to attend communion services at a nearby Presbyterian church, the author – during communion – saw a vision of Christ beckoning to her above the minister’s head. Later that same night, the visions continued, the first depicting with immense clarity Christ and Magdalena on their walk through the desert to the Sermon on the Mount.

Thus began the powerfully written epic novel that calls us to remember the design- created 2000 years ago and inscribed on our souls – that is now ready to be actualized. In this never before told story, the reader will discover a message of untold hope for the 21st century.

Could it be that what we think we have lost is but the promise of what is yet to come?

ISBN: 1-880914-069 Paperback – 496 pages

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