In 1992, Flo Aeveia Magdalena and Jayn Adina Stewart completed a three-year project to publish the epic work, I Remember Union. Since its publication, almost thirty years ago, the dream of a film based upon this book has been ever present. Jayn and Flo have wanted to share the courage and clarity of Mary Magdalene, and to tell her story.

In late March, serendipity brought three wondrous ladies together to work with Jayn and Flo to write a screenplay based on this inspiring and life-changing book! There was much excitement and Joy!

Then, in late April, Jayn Adina made her transition and left us physically. She has been very present with many in our community, however, which has helped (somewhat) to ease her absence. As part of her memorial service and as a way of honoring Jayn, we established a memorial fund for the creation of this movie.

We hope you will join us in holding the vision for this film and contribute if you are able to the fund to create this magical and important message that reflects the intention for Peace on Earth.

Jayn Adina Stewart MemorialIRU Fund

Here is the celebration of Jayn’s life and our memorial gathering on Zoom on Sunday 5/3/20 @ 2pm Eastern time.
You can be a part of it HERE.

Mary Magdalene and the Importance of Creating a Film Now
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To share in and support Jayn’s vision to create an epic film of I Remember Union, you can donate to Soul Support Systems and receive a deduction through our 501C3. If you wish to donate, you may utilize PayPal by clicking the PayPal button below: