Pre-Birth Bonding & Communication

Living Our Potential As Beings Of Light

The family system is our first and most intimate experience of the world. It is where we learn about love, sharing, generosity, co-creation, and honoring – or about hate, reaction, fear, anger, and separation.

The family may be a spiritual haven and a loving place of growth or a place of absent presence, where we physically live together but do not connect. We either make this connection and create a foundation in our childhood or spend our lives looking for it.

When parents establish a conscious heart/soul connection with their children and with each other, deeper levels of trust and safety are experienced.

As we deepen our bonds, we are more sensitive to the subtle, nonverbal communication which we exchange at all times with all living organisms.

Relationships are not bound by normal restrictions because the information sent via channels of sensory response are unaffected by language, beliefs, or convention. You are connected beyond earthly rules, and can therefore create a unique relationship that works for your family.

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