Autographed Paperback

Messages Received through Flo Aeveia Magdalena
Originally Complied and edited by Jayn Adina Stewart

Two Books In-One

Book One: The Feminine Stream of Creation From Mary Magdalene

Before there was Earth, animals, people, or life, there was Light. Light encompassed the all and evolved through Creation to embrace what we now call life. Light is the underlying code of life.
Our growth is now possible only through peace. The choice for peace is not only ideological, it is instinctual and necessary, and reflects the evolutionary completion of many eons of separation from Light. It is the now moment that calls us. The human species is returning home.

Book Two: The Great Mother Speaks: Core Teachings From Our Earth Mother

Our planet is a living Divine Mother that creates homeostasis for the organisms on her surface, and those that live inside her body. She has taken on this rhythm of the consciousness of Origin, and reflects that back through the Order of nature. To stabilize ourselves we need only connect deeply to the Earth. When our nerve fibers are in relationship with the fibers of the planet we fully create from and live in harmony and remember to live as she lives, in Oneness.

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